In the list of Tech, Inc.ís modern technologies you will find 3D Printing. 3D Printing is a process of converting a digitized 3D model into a tangible product via rapid prototyping. Fused Deposition Modeling is very similar to 3D printing.

In essence, 3D printing is a variation of inkjet printing, where layers of a selected material are bonded together using a liquid or heat. This type of rapid prototyping can be much faster than other methods and is the only type of rapid prototyping to offer full-color prototypes.

Deciding which rapid prototyping process is right for you has many considerations. Some of which to deliberate on with 3D Printing are:

  • Cost of reproduction
  • Time for development/reproduction
  • Color selections/requirements
  • Material options
  • Speed of production

As a section of Tech, Incís 3D Laser Scanning division, 3D printing offers the same diversity as 3D Laser Scanning. Concepts or reproductions from fields like architecture, industrial product and tool design, marketing prototypes, and healthcare tools or representations can all be produced using 3D printing.

The materials and strengths of 3D Printing available at Tech, Inc. make it a viable option for your rapid prototyping designs. Our experts are available to discuss your options with you here.