TECH, INC. is a pump sales representative for a broad range of pumps for Danmark Solutions. Diaphragm pumps, Centrifugal pumps, metering pumps, gear pumps and many other types of pumps are available for your specific application.

Schmitt Centrifugal Pumps has established itself as a well-known company in the field of chemical pump technology and design since its foundation in 1965. Schmitt provides a standard range of pumps, suitable for the transmission of both chemically pure and corrosive media, with pumping capacities of up to 130 gallons per minute and pump heads of up to 130 feet. Schmitt pumps are designed for corrosive media such as acids, alkalis and solvents. They are excellent for chemically pure media, by providing complete protection from both external and internal contamination. The highly reliable magnetically coupled versions are available in polypropylene or PVDF and offer the advantage of no metal parts in contact with the fluid being pumped.

All-Flo air operated diaphragm pumps handle a wide variety of fluids including high viscosity liquids and powders. Pumps are available in ¼” to 3” sizes with infinitely variable flow rates from 0-230 gpm. The patented lube-free air valve system will not stall even at the slowest speeds. These pumps handle all sorts of shear sensitive and fragile liquids and are superior for drum applications. Materials of construction include Polypropylene, PVDF, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Nylon. Diaphragms are available in PTFE, Viton, Santoprene, and Geolast. These can be mixed and matched for your specific application.

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