Pump Box

Magnetic Drive Schmitt Pumps for this customer were located in an acid environment. TECH designed and fabricated polypropylene boxes to protect pumps from corrosion.

Schmitt Pumps

Schmitt pumps are assembled at our production facility in Perkins, OK. Final testing is performed on the test stand pictured. Pumps can also be refurbished and re-tested at our facility.

Schmitt Pumps

Schmitt Pumps are used for recirculating water in TECH's CRUIZER Carts.

Chemical Pumping Cart

The customer needed a pump mounted to a mobile cart for the removal of fluids from multiple work-stations. The process also required the cart to be used to refill those work-stations. TECH, INC. designed the plumbing and installed valves allowing the customer to be able to fill or extract fluids using the same All-Flo Aluminum air diaphragm pump.