With over ten years of experience, Tech, Inc offers know-how in every phase of your product needs, from design to fabrication. With clients nationwide, we have effectively aided in the plastic manufacturing development from many fields with many purposes. We concentrate on meeting your needs and goals, and this dedication allows you to increase productivity, yield, and quality levels with your plastic manufacturing production.

Custom Machining
With skilled technicians on-site, we can also design custom assembly machinery for you. Meeting our clients’ demands is not a problem with our resources and network of vendors. Custom assembly machinery can be designed and developed for your exact production specifications.

Our capabilities include:
  • Product retrofits
  • Designing and manufacturing of fully automated systems
  • Fully automating complete manufacturing processes

With machines like these, you can guarantee repeatable, quality production in the most time and cost-efficient manner.

Manufacturing & Fabrication
Tech, Inc. is prepared to handle the development of your product, from small to large parts. We have a diverse array of materials and machines to meet the needs of your product. Tech, Inc. prides itself on customer satisfaction, which we believe is achieved through meeting or exceeding your cost and quality objectives.

Plastics are an intricate part of our everyday lives; with Tech, Inc.’s plastic manufacturing and fabrication services, you can create, produce, or reproduce the plastic part you need in whatever quantity you desire.

At Tech, Inc. we work with you to ensure that you receive the quality and service you deserve at a competitive price and in a timely fashion. Contact us for more information about your manufacturing and machining inquiries.