As Rapid Prototyping becomes the trend in industry prototype fabrication, rapid tooling takes its place in production as well. Prototype tool molds can be created faster and more cost-effectively with Rapid Tooling.

At Tech, Inc, rapid tooling is beneficial over traditional machining methods by:

  • speeding up the process of creating a model
  • being capable of producing parts at 35-40% faster rates than conventional molds and
  • generating models which cool much faster than traditional prototype models.

Rapid Tooling has made much progress in the last fifteen years, producing prototype models with accuracy ratings as high as conventionally constructed models. In comparison to removing material, as in traditional model making, Rapid Tooling can construct layer by layer, handling complex geometric requirements.

Tooling demand can create extended delivery times with tool demands from:

  • automotive
  • telecommunication
  • medical and
  • consumer product markets.

Rapid tooling greatly reduces the amount of valuable time used during tooling.

These tools can be used to replace or reform traditional molds, as well as get production rolling. These prototype model tools can also be used in design stages to catch costly flaws before mass production. Development teams may need a physical model for demonstrations and presentations.

Rapid tooling can be the solution to your tooling requirements. At Tech, Inc, we hope to assist you in designing and producing the right tool for the job. Contact us for more information on our rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technologies.