Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is the most intricate rapid prototyping process used at Tech, Inc. This rapid manufacturing method can be as complex as the models you need it to produce. The following describes the technique and how it is capable of creating detailed, elaborate patterns or molds in a variety of materials.

How It Works
1. A powder of thermoplastic matter, for metal, ceramic, or plastic products, is applied to a build chamber in layers.
2. A C02 laser selectively traces out cross-sections as defined by the CAD virtual model files on each layer.
3. As the CO2 laser recreates the virtual prototype model in the build chamber, it sinters the powder.
4. SLS works as the heat of the laser causes a fusion bond, which generates a stronger prototype model than other rapid prototyping technologies.
5. After the prototype model cools, the excess powder can be brushed or blown from the model.

The part can be used as-is, or be coated or sanded as needed. Due to its diverse application, available materials for production, and unique strategy for rapid prototyping, Selective Laser Sintering can even be used to make functional parts.

Advantages and Uses
Selective Laser Sintering produces functional prototypes with simple clean up. Since the thermoplastic powder can come from a variety of materials, the applications of the prototype models are also quite diversified.

SLS prototype models have an advantage in being capable of producing up to 100% density with material properties similar to conventional tooling. Some final products, like tools and ceramic items, have even been produced using this form of rapid prototyping. With several finishing options, Selective Laser Sintering could be your rapid prototyping solution.

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