QuickCast® is a process that allows for the creation of direct shell investment castings using "QuickCast®" stereolithography (SLA) patterns. The QuickCast® method allows you to rapidly build highly accurate resin patterns in stereolithography, bypassing the expensive and time-consuming step of tooling. QuickCast® facilitates rapid production of small quantities of metal parts in much less time than traditional methods.

Instead of the SLA part being completely solid, QuickCast® eliminates 95% of the internal mass of the part. This is achieved by curing only external surfaces and an internal lattice structure. Holes in the bottom of the part allow uncured resin to drain from the part. The result is a 65-80% hollow part with an internal beehive type lattice structure, which gives the part tremendous structural integrity.

QuickCast® replaces traditional wax patterns for investment casting with patterns created in a robust, durable material, without tooling and without delay. During burnout, the QuickCast® pattern collapses before the ceramic shell can crack. The QuickCast® pattern will burn out in the investment casting process with very little residue. Less mass yields less ash. The small amount of ash that remains in the cavity can easily be evacuated.

The net result is QuickCast® patterns in one week or less and quality metal castings in 1 to 6 weeks (per investment caster’s schedule), compared to 18 to 20 weeks by conventional methods. And best of all, QuickCast® works with all castable metal and alloys.

In short, the SLA QuickCast® pattern is incapsulated in a ceramic shell and is fired before the actual casting. Molten metal is then poured into the shell mold. The removal of the ceramic mold is the end of the process.