A prototype model is a representation of a design for a part or product for practically any industry. Prototype models can be used for:

  • feasibility testing,
  • user-demand/response analysis,
  • marketing decisions,
  • to evaluate a design,
  • and much more.

It is common for a design to have some “bugs;” using rapid prototyping for initial design testing can quickly and cost-efficiently allow you to test and resolve these issues before moving into full design production.

Tech, Inc Product Design and Development
At Tech, Inc, we are dedicated to assisting you through all of the stages of product development. We have trained experts to help you from concept to production. For a prototype model to be created from one of our rapid prototyping technologies, the original design must be in developed in a 3-D CAD model and be saved (typically) in the .stl format.

With Tech, Inc.’s experience, you can expect:
  • Accuracy (which is critical at this stage)
  • Geometric intricacies
  • A variety of production materials and
  • Multiple surface finishes.

We can assist from conceptual designs to redesigning existing designs. We are able, through a multifaceted staff and a range of experiences with varying projects, to assist in projects from multiple fields and differing levels of difficulty. We also offer Laser Scanning to create a virtual representation of any existing part or product.

Tech, Inc Rapid Prototyping Services and Your Prototype Model
Once you have a virtual prototype model, you can select from one of our three methods of rapid prototyping. Each rapid prototyping technology has different purposes, time-spans, and applications, but all drastically reduce the time and cost of prototype model development in comparison to conventional means.

Whether using Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), or Fused Deposition Modeling, the prototype model Tech, Inc creates for you will be unique and to your specifications.

Contact us today to begin designing or producing your prototype model.