Stereolithography is capable of creating the most complex geometries quickly and precisely. Most parts can be built in hours. SLA gives you the power to touch, hold, and evaluate precise physical models of your 3-D CAD designs rapidly.

Stereolithography (SLA) is a rapid prototyping process by which a product is created using an Ultra-violet (UV) curable liquid resin polymer and advanced laser technology.

What are SLA prototypes used for?

The uses for an SLA prototype are limitless. Only your imagination limits how you will use your SLA prototypes. Concept models, masters, and patterns are created in record time using stereolithography, the most accurate and precise rapid prototyping technology available. SLA models and patterns can be produced in a matter of hours. TECH, Inc. will guide your project through every step of the process to guarantee on-time delivery.

Because of their accuracy and ability to reproduce fine details, SLA models are ideal for use as:
  • Concept Models (Piece Parts)
  • Form, fit, and function studies (Piece Parts)
  • Master patterns for a variety of molding techniques (Quickcast or Rapid Tooling)
  • Patterns for investment and sand casting applications (Quickcast or Rapid Tooling)
  • Communications tools (Piece Parts)
  • Marketing tools (Piece Parts)