Tech, Inc.s advanced technology services include many rapid prototyping technologies. Each of our rapid prototyping services constructs a tangible prototype model.

In rapid prototyping, stereolithography creates three-dimensional objects from a CAD file. These objects can have many purposes (can we link the articles to each other?). The process for stereolithography requires a CAD file, usually in the .STL format, and a Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA). SLA can produce a prototype model in hours or days.

This type of rapid prototyping, stereolithography, works in the following manner:

1. The CAD file is loaded onto the SLA machine
2. The SLAs software slices your 3D CAD image into small layers
3. The SLA has an ultraviolet laser that treats a liquid plastic, solidifying it
4. Each solidified layer is lowered into the vat of liquid plastic, exposing another layer to be treated
5. A complete model, based on the CAD image, is developed after a final curing in an ultraviolet oven.

The finished prototype model is composed of plastic, making it durable and lightweight. The prototype model will be highly accurate when compared to the CAD image and will have a relatively good surface finish.

Tech, Inc uses rapid prototyping, specifically stereolithograpy, to assist you in creating a prototype model. We also offer Selective Laser Sintering and Fused Deposition Modeling as part of our rapid prototyping services. Contact us for assistance in selecting a rapid prototyping technology.