Rapid Prototyping is a method of developing a model from computer aided design or animation modeling software. In Rapid Prototyping, a virtual model is transformed into a physical model through one of many methods, utilizing a layering process. TECH, INC can produce a representation of your individual concept with our rapid prototyping technology within days or even mere hours.

Rapid Prototyping appeared in the 1980s but exploded in the 2000s, producing over 3 million models in the year 2000 alone. Transcending across the manufacturing divisions, Rapid Prototyping is used in:

  • automotive,
  • aerospace,
  • consumer product manufacturing,
  • and even the medical field has seen the advantage to using rapid prototyping.

Many companies use rapid prototyping manufacturing to make informed decisions based on material evidence or for presentations and marketing demonstrations.

Also known as additive fabrication, rapid prototyping works to build a prototype model from a series of CAD defined cross sections. Additive fabrication methods are successful in geometric capabilities over traditional, subtractive construction methods.

Many different technologies are available to complete rapid prototyping, like:

With different advantages, each method offers a way to create a visual prototype.

If you’re unsure of which method of rapid prototyping is best for you, please contact us for assistance. Our trained staff is prepared to assist you with your rapid prototyping decisions.