When you need a part, and you need it fast, depend on Tech, Inc.s rapid prototyping services. With multiple rapid prototyping services, Tech, Inc. can assist you in developing the prototype model to meet your needs. One of our rapid prototyping technologies is Stereolithography, which is performed on a Stereolithography Apparatus. Thus, prototypes developed from this form of rapid prototyping are commonly referred to as SLA prototypes.

SLA prototypes have many advantages:

  • SLA prototypes aid in the conceptualization of a product
  • SLA prototypes can be produced in reduced time-frames, from hours to days
  • SLA prototypes can be produced within a reasonable budget
  • SLA prototypes can be used for testing
  • SLA prototypes are capable of becoming master patterns

Like other rapid prototyping technologies, Stereolithography works by dividing a 3D CAD model into layers which are, through a rapid prototyping process, turned into a geometrically accurate, tangible prototype model. To learn more about how Stereolithography works, visit our site.

With Tech, Inc.s expertise, your SLA prototype is limited only by your imagination. SLA prototypes have been used as:

  • concept models,
  • in comparison studies,
  • for master patterns,
  • and as marketing tools.

SLA prototypes can even become part of your production line via QuickCast.

Contact us for a quote or with any questions you may have; well be happy to help you with your rapid prototyping questions!